Will和Going to的差异是什么?这次总算搞懂了,你知道了吗?

Will vs Going to | Difference Between Will and Going to. Will和Going to的差异是什么

Learn the Difference Between Willvs Going to in English with grammar rules and examples. 经过语法规矩和比如学习Will和Going to在英语中的差异。

In English grammar, both “Will” and “Be Going to” are used to express future tense but they do not have the same meaning. 在英语语法中,Will和Be Going to都用来表明将来时,但意思不一样。

Will vs Going to

Similarity in Usage类似的用法

Both Will and Going to can be used for making future predictions without having a real difference in meaning. Will和Going to都可以用来做未来的猜测,而不会有真实意义上的差异。Example: 比如:

I think it willbe foggy tomorrow. = I think it is going to be foggy tomorrow. 我想明日会有雾。我想明日会有雾。

Differences in Usage不同的用法

Will is used to express future actions decided at the moment of speaking, while Going to describes future plans decided before the moment of speaking. Will用来表达在说话之前决议的未来举动,Going to用来描绘在说话之前决议的未来方案。Examples: 比如:

I‘ll have salad now. (will) 我现在要沙拉。(将)

I’m going to visit my aunt next Friday. (going to) 下星期五我要去看望我姑姑。(要)

Will is used to indicate a prediction based on personal opinions or experiences, while going to is used to express a prediction based on present evidence. Will用于表明根据个人观点或经历的猜测,going to用于表明根据现有依据的猜测。Examples: 比如:

I think United will win the game. (will) 我想曼联会赢的。(将)

Look at those black clouds. It is going to rain. (going to) 看那些乌云。天要下雨了。(要)

Will expresses a future fact; going to is used to describe something is about to happen. 毅力表达未来的现实;going to用来描绘行将发作的工作。Examples: 比如:

The sun will rise tomorrow. (will) 明日太阳将升起。(将)

Get back! The bomb is going to explode. (going to) 回来!炸弹要爆破了。(要)

Will is used to make a promise, an offer, a threat or refusal. Will用于做出许诺、提议、要挟或回绝。Examples: 比如:

A promise: 许诺:

I promise I won’t tell anyone you broke the window. 我确保我不会通知任何人你打破了窗户。

An offer: 报价:

I‘ll take you to the airport tomorrow. 我明日送你去机场。

A threat: 一个要挟:

I‘ll tell your parents what you did. 我会通知你爸爸妈妈你做了什么。

A refusal: 回绝:

No, I won’t cook your dinner, you can cook it yourself. 不,我不给你煮饭,你自己做吧。

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